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DIAMOND XPRESS ADVERTISING is a digital printing, signage and branding company based in Ghana, with the mission of bringing the gap between Design and Advertising, both fields are more powerful when it combined.
We are a media agency that want to be renowned for the communication impact, we create for our client.
For us, it is important to do the job with pleasure and passion. This makes working together a joy, and improves the quality of the work we do. We are creative, Impactful, Daring to the point, Professional and Passionate. And you may check us up on this. DIAMOND XPRESS ADVERTISING, has a different outlook on problems, and likes to come up with alternative solutions. We are daring to be different in order to stand out, so we can convey our message with extra power! All roads lead to Rome, and maybe for you, the undiscovered path is the best way to go, We would like to explore this with you!

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